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At a site called Intentblog (now closed), I talked about camping by the Missouri River, and mentioned a few of the things, including spiritual awakenings, that I’d experienced at my favorite spot.

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Personally, I do not consider myself to be worthy of the name, nor can I say that I will ever rise to those heights of grandeur.

Therefore my thoughts on the subject will pertain to the ladder as I see it, and the steps that might be involved in the process from beginning to end.

The next step might be to show off, or to display your new wares to family and friends in order to receive some friendly feedback.

It’s up to the author alone to decide whether or not the praise is worthy, or if the unwanted criticisms are well intended.

July 31, 2009 in love, relationships | Tags: Air Force John, cell phone, Dating, ding, girl-talk, guy who left the country without telling me, guy who told me he had no affection to give me, Happiness, laid back = laziness, losing interest, men, menz, pathetic, rejection | 6 comments Warning: pathetic girl-talk ahead. I think we can all agree the only thing worse than thinking you’ve lost interest in a man is when the man loses interest in you. This was most painful rejection besides that time that guy left the country without telling me or the time that guy told me he had no affection to give me or that time that guy said, “wanna cuddle? Or making the biggest fool of myself since all of the above-mentioned rejection menz. | 10 comments You know how it goes girl meets boy boy games girl obsesses boy reschedules but calls everyday girl decides to let it go but is mindful girl is reunited with another guy who’s in Afghanistan girl contemplates sexy texts girl has no idea what text sex is boy who games asks girl out on another date girl says sure girl says let’s get something healthy girl suggests Jason’s Deli boy says that was what he was thinking girl privately admits Jason’s Deli isn’t that romantic girl receives flirty text from Afghanistan man girl forgets about Jason’s and the original boy momentarily girl and boy and boy carry on until all ends in either tears or apathy A Relationship Death Poem because in times of stress one has to fall back on what one knows and everyone could use a little death now and again.


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    You can start chatting right then and there and if you feel like it, you can either go further or move on to another person.

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    A lot of the time people will ask how long you’ve been in a relationship for, and if you can’t remember, they’ll think you’re not serious about your partner!

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    That is why this report, though it is focused on Fiji, is still applicable to the whole region because we share the factors that contribute to this all too important issue.