sex dating in beaver utah - Laila ali dating queen

Back in the day it wasn’t uncommon to see her at the famous Michelle’s XXX in Hollywood along with other closeted lesbian celebrities.

First Diddy and Zac Posen, now Queen Latifah and Laila Ali are setting off the gaydar at Hollyhood Buzz.

A close friend of the boxing champ tells Atlanta Gossip, (AG) that Laila has finally come to grips with her true sexuality and is happy with her new found freedom and is dating Grammy nominated actress, rapper, singer, Queen Latifah.”Latifah’s rep, Amanda Silverman of The Dart Group, told EUR via phone that the e-mail is “something that somebody made up” and that her client is not dating Ali.

“I don’t even think they know each other,” she snapped, before hanging up.

Now I find the extremely interesting because it’s a widely known fact that Dana, I mean Queen Latifah is a lesbian.