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In later seasons, Graham -- who had started to release rap demos in Toronto -- debuted some of his earliest raps on the show. Drake may be an international rap superstar now, headlining music festivals and selling out arenas all over the world, but he'll never forget his "Degrassi" roots -- as evidenced by this recent reunion. #Started From The Bottom Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty) then...

Liberty was the show's original nerd back in season 1.

She also had a guest role on the Canadian Family show Naturally, Sadie as Heidi.

In 2008, she played Danielle "Daisy" Brooks in the made-for-television erotic-thriller movie, Poison Ivy: The Secret Society.

Shane has had a few minor acting roles over the years, and is currently the drummer for the Toronto-based band Dear Love. Adamo Angelo Ruggiero can now be seen on his Youtube channel, The Dot with Adamo, where he describes himself as "an ex-child addicted to T-Swift ballads," proving that even in real life, Marco is still the cast member you'd most want to be friends with.


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    A lot of women are looking for something serious and have no interest in participating in your immature wager with friends. He refused to accept it and continued to message me listing all the reasons why we’d be great together.” — Ashley, 30 The problem..the solution: No matter how strongly you feel about your potential with a woman you meet online, accept the break-up gracefully.

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    A new analysis prepared for the National Center for Policy Analysis by the actuarial firm Milliman & Robertson estimates the costs of 12 of the most common mandates and finds that, collectively, they can increase the cost of insurance by as much as 30 percent. Although there were only seven state-mandated benefits in 1965, there are nearly 1,000 today.

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    For the sake of the children, it is critical for biological parents to communicate and do the hard work of being involved parents.

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